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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Page 6


  1. I love the direction you are taking the comic :) But I have a small question. Astrid and heather comic, you abandoned her for this comic? I love this original comic yours and I'm curious what happens, but it would be a shame if you do not continue the HTTYD comic. I imagine a lot of your fans they feel so too XD

    I'm a big fan of yours, I like the themes of domination and humiliation in your ILLUSTRATIONS, my favorite being Slave Astrid :)

    Sorry if you do not understand me but my English is terrible and I have to use Google Translate to communicate with you.

    1. hello jim,

      thank you for the lovely comment, it is alway great to hear from fans. I am curious as to what language you are typing in. As for the HTTYD comic, I am not abandoning them. The person who commissioned those comics is currently writing this comic for me, so it should have similar elements to the pervious comic. I think I will go back to drawing them out soon.

      I will be revisiting astrid and heather in this comic, as you will see in the future. I am hoping to update this comic on a weekly bases.

      I hope that clarify some stuff.