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Friday, 25 April 2014

Page 13


  1. Hmmm I normally like your work but I really do not get this comic, the strong female is depowered with no explanation or fight from her and looks like it was just to make sure she can get raped and abused quickly.

    1. Hello InkInk,

      Thanks for the feed back, I see what you mean about it looking like a cheap act, but there is a reason for it. I will try to explore later in the story. This comic is more of an experiment in comic book making for my self.As such there will be alot of it that will not make sense :). But I appreciate you stopping by and comment.


  2. Just know that I'm trying to publish as Norcoaster, but the system here keeps labeling me as Anonymous — hence the sub-note up front.

    So far this is reading somewhat like a 'Twilight Zone' episode — two disparate (and perhaps desperate) guests, a maid who is possessed during her workday, and a gardener who wants to theoretically "bury his bone" in more than just the ground. It's all got me curious as to where you're taking us.

    At first, I found the rougher style of the latter pages a bit disappointing. But then in taking a second look through the comic, the increasingly rougher style now seems to serve to both quicken the pace of the comic while also elevating the tension. If you're shifting to this rougher drawing style deliberately, hats off to you because it's working.

    All I can ask as a reader/follower now is that you do indeed tie it all together eventually (including how Elsa and Astrid got to the same place while their native stories likely took place hundreds of years apart, albeit in perhaps the same corner of Nordic Europe), and give us a satisfying ending, along with smaller satisfactions along the way as well.